I recently read and commented on a story that claimed to reveal “the truth about carbs.” I can’t reference the actual article because the author muted me and likely deleted my comment.

In the article, the author states that dietary carbohydrate is “needed for overall sustenance.” This is a common…

Health Advice/Weight Control/Diet

And the signs you are heading for disaster

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At some level, we all know that snacking isn’t good for us. But most people don’t realize just how bad it can be. I’m not talking about an occasional treat. And I’m not talking about something you eat in the afternoon because…

True Crime Story

He had a special set of skills…

My grandfather had a side we didn’t know about until after he died (Image licensed via

My grandfather, Frank “Red” Anthony, was born in 1905, in Erie, Pennsylvania. This is also where he died in 1979. I was 20 years old. He died in September. …

Real-Life Crime Story

12 June 2021

Benno Neumair confessed to murdering his parents (fair use photo)

The details of the case, as they were unfolding, can be found here:

The first update tells of how after the body of Benno’s mother is found, he confesses to killing both of his parents:

Now, we have Benno’s version of what happened:

As mentioned in the…

Weight Loss Advice/Success

A common dieter’s question answered

Many just can’t reach their goal (image licensed via

Most of us who have tried to lose weight have gotten close to our goal — but just couldn’t lose those last few pounds. Maybe it was even more than a few! Over the past few years, I’ve gone from 365 pounds to 192 pounds…

No, I don’t work for Medium or their Marketing Research partner

It’s probably not the USA is the #1 thing (Licensed via

A lot of dust has been brushed up over the recent survey Medium is conducting among US-based writers on the platform. Some seem to think the focus is US-based because Medium is run by a bunch of kids in…

Advice/Diet/Weight Loss

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The ketogenic diet is seeing a resurgence of late. I say resurgence because it is likely the diet we ate as early humans evolved to be what we are today. So, unlike the characterization many give it — a trendy diet with no long-term studies of what it will do…

The original story

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I submitted a story to a contest on another platform. That story appears here, on Medium, too. If you haven’t read it, you might enjoy it.

In “My Happy Place,” I talk about how I had intended to submit a different story for the contest, but that…

Laura Perselli and Peter Neumair (public domain news photo)

I had just stepped out of the shower on Monday to hear my wife, Silvia, yelling something. I opened the door to the bathroom and she said “Benno ha confessato!” Benno has confessed!

For those of you who haven’t read the back-story, this article provides the details, plus my 2¢…

Diet & Health

Diet professionals who use the phrase show they don’t know what they are talking about

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I’ll start off by clarifying a couple of things. …

Steven Anthony

I recently wrote a book: BE LEAN! Revealing the Long-Lost Secrets of Weight Management. It explains the science behind weight control.

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