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How Keto works simply explained

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The ketogenic diet is seeing a resurgence of late. I say resurgence because it is likely the diet we ate as early humans evolved to be what we are today. So, unlike the characterization many give it — a trendy diet with no long-term studies of what it will do to you — it is likely that we are here because of the ketogenic diet. Although, way back then, it was just called eating.

This is an interesting presentation by Dr Michael Eades that explains the evidence that we evolved on a low-carb, meat-based diet. …

The original story

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I submitted a story to a contest on another platform. That story appears here, on Medium, too. If you haven’t read it, you might enjoy it.

In “My Happy Place,” I talk about how I had intended to submit a different story for the contest, but that just before posting it to the platform, I saw it didn’t meet all the required criteria. So, I ditched that story, wrote another one (embedded above) and entered it in place of the non-conforming story.

Well, here is the first story I wrote for the contest:

I was on my…

The crimes resolved

Laura Perselli and Peter Neumair (public domain news photo)

I had just stepped out of the shower on Monday to hear my wife, Silvia, yelling something. I opened the door to the bathroom and she said “Benno ha confessato!” Benno has confessed!

For those of you who haven’t read the back-story, this article provides the details, plus my 2¢ in terms of a theory on what went down.

On February 6, after weeks of searching, the body of Laura Perselli, Benno’s mother, was found in the Adige River. At this point, Benno was already under arrest, and sitting in solitary confinement, in the local jail. Upon hearing his mother’s…

Diet & Health

Diet professionals who use the phrase show they don’t know what they are talking about

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I’ll start off by clarifying a couple of things. First, I’m using the term “diet professionals” to include doctors, nutritionists, fitness gurus, personal trainers and anyone else who provides others with recommendations on one’s long-term diet.

Second, when I say using the phrase “everything in moderation” shows they don’t know what they are talking about, I don’t mean, in any way, that they are trying to deceive any of their clients/patients. I believe those who give that advice really think it’s the best advice to…

My Lifestyle

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I like to sit outside when I write and I prefer to write on paper, with a mechanical pencil. The pencil I use is one I’ve had for 20 years. In fact, the model is so old, the manufacturer no longer makes it. It’s one of those writing implements that holds two ballpoint pens and a mechanical pencil all in one. I have blue and red ink in mine, but I always seem to just use a pencil. Every once in a while I’ll use ink in my notebook, but before long, I’m back to pencil.

I’m not sure why…

An American in Italy: Part 5

Via Vittorio Amedeo Gioanetti, Torino, Italia (photo by author)

Torino (aka Turin) sits in northwestern Italy, at the foot of the Alps. It is the capital city of the Piemonte Region — Piemonte meaning foot of the mountains. The history of Torino goes back thousands of years while my history with the bella città only goes back about three.

An American in Italy: Part 4

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This article is the fourth in a series that deals with my experiences with moving to Italy, getting married and with my attempts at adapting to the Italian way of life.

Theaters here in Italy remain closed, but there are still lots of streaming options for home-viewing. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime here, although the selection of shows is different due to various copyright agreements and market forces — for example, we have a lot more access to Italian films and TV shows than you will in the US. Also, there are some…

It’s all about energy

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If COVID-19 hadn’t shut down most of the gyms already, this would be the time thousands of recent subscribers would be throwing in the towel on their resolutions to lose weight in 2021. This is what typically happens every year. People resolve to lose weight and join a gym to do the active part of their doctor’s or their nutritionist’s advice of “eat less and move more.”

To their surprised satisfaction, they see movement on the scale in the right direction! But by the end of January, their weight loss slows, then stalls. It’s frustrating! They…

Missing or Murder?

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On January 5th, 2021, Benno Neumair reported his parents missing from the house they shared on the edge of Bolzano, Italy. Bolzano is in the Alto-Adige region or Italy — northwest of Venice, in the alps, near Liechtenstein. It’s an area where the locals speak German rather than Italian. In fact, when I was at a language school in Bologna, learning Italian, one of the other students at the school was a man from Bolzano. That’s right — he was in his mid-twenties, grew up IN ITALY, and was learning Italian.

An American In Italy: Part 3

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This article is the third in a series that deals with my experiences with moving to Italy, getting married and with my attempts at adapting to the Italian way of life.

After the fall of the Roman Empire (don’t worry, this really isn’t a history lesson!) but before the rage of the Black Death, the region known as Italy was a mix of autonomous city-states and Papal states, linked to the Roman Catholic Church. Regions of the peninsula had their own dialects — most of which exist still today. My wife, Silvia, for example…

Steven Anthony

I recently wrote a book: BE LEAN! Revealing the Long-Lost Secrets of Weight Management. It explains the science behind weight control.

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