Real-Life Crime Story

12 June 2021

Benno Neumair confessed to murdering his parents (fair use photo)

The details of the case, as they were unfolding, can be found here:

The first update tells of how after the body of Benno’s mother is found, he confesses to killing both of his parents:

Now, we have Benno’s version of what happened:

As mentioned in the…

Advice/Diet/Weight Loss

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The ketogenic diet is seeing a resurgence of late. I say resurgence because it is likely the diet we ate as early humans evolved to be what we are today. So, unlike the characterization many give it — a trendy diet with no long-term studies of what it will do…

The original story

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I submitted a story to a contest on another platform. That story appears here, on Medium, too. If you haven’t read it, you might enjoy it.

In “My Happy Place,” I talk about how I had intended to submit a different story for the contest, but that…

Steven Anthony

I recently wrote a book: BE LEAN! Revealing the Long-Lost Secrets of Weight Management. It explains the science behind weight control.

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