Exercise, while great for overall health, is not a successful long-term weight loss strategy. Diet is the answer for weight loss. And I don’t mean dieting for a few weeks to lose weight and then go back to how you used to eat…

Not sure what «shred» means in the fitness context, but you can’t target fat loss in a particular body area. So, for example, working your leg muscles doesn’t shed leg fat. Sometimes it can seem that way because, for example, working your legs can increase the size of your legs muscles, this stretching the fat over a greater surface area.

The body essentially moves fat from various areas of the body to the place(s) it takes fat for energy. That’s why you might feel it takes forever to lose fat from your butt (this is true for me). But really, my butt is losing a lot of fat – it’s just being refilled from fat that had been other places.

The above description is a little oversimplified but conveys the basics.


I recently wrote a book: BE LEAN! Revealing the Long-Lost Secrets of Weight Management. It explains the science behind weight control. www.beleansecrets.com

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