This sounds like a question a perverse narcissist would ask.

You complain that the answer your ex-wife gave to that question pissed you off. You think she should have continued living with you even though she was unhappy, just so you would be happy. You exhibit the same sort of selfishness you accuse her of.

You should look up the meaning of the psychological term “projection.”

The US has had a perverse narcissist as the President. He claims everyone else is cheating because he’s a cheater. He claims the election was rigged because he rigged the election in 2016.

Narcissists see themselves as shit in a tuxedo--they fear the day when everyone else sees them the same way. That’s why Trump yells at journalists who ask him tough questions (instead of showing, by his answer, that he’s shit in a tuxedo). Just like you put the blame on your ex…

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